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God is a VJ

Hello World! I am moving to you!


Indeed, at the age of 28 of my life, I decided to create a personal blog. During 2015 and 2016 I was hesitating and just recently my eyes have come across the words of Miguel de Cervantes:

“However, the difficulties encountered by the people are inevitable and diverse, and their goals and things are different, that’s why one gives courageous thirst for glory, others, on the contrary, give fear of dishonor and do not dare to publish the fact that, being made in the public domain, are doomed to appear on the court, dangerous and almost always unfair.
I personally do not dare to publish this book from arrogance, but solely because it has not yet decided which of the two extremes is worse lightly to show the gift, to whom you award the sky, and offer unripe fruits of their understanding to the fatherland and friends or, showing extreme scrupulousness, painstaking and slow, always being dissatisfied with the fact that you have planned or done by finding a good but that are not brought to an end, never dare to give out and publish their writings. After all, if excessive boldness and self-confidence can be condemned as impermissible audacity on which human conceit incites, it is no less reprehensible extreme slowness and lack of confidence, because then those who are waiting and denote care and a good example, in order to perfect his art, too late or even not take advantage of the fruits and comprehension of your labors.”

Taking into account that there are a lot of human sins around, I deliberately open myself to the whole world to share their experiences, to learn more and try to invest and saturate beautiful ideas in minds of those people who like me, want to develop and, as Castaneda said: “Find the Ways where hearts live.” I created this blog for the purpose of personal introspection, and, maybe, looking at these notes and considerations in a few years, I can realize what I might have been wrong in my thinking and feelings. Another useful exercise, will be to practice writing skills as an Author and brain training and I hope very much that this will help me to write better my future books.


Ab ovo.
So let’s get acquainted. I was born in the country that I do not remember, I never knew, and when I was 3 years old, I moved to another country, whose “citizenship”, I burden until today. I will not, I do not want to say anything bad things about Ukraine and Russia or the Soviet Union. These countries affected me, I became what I am now, how  I found myself, how I feel now, all of these is the result of such influence. This does not run away, and it is something that cannot be reconsidered.

One of my favorite activities is to analyze the impact of human life aspects in the context of our world in order to forecast the future. Today, I have been studying the culture of the Western world, and believe me, I have something to compare and may offer the best solution!

Bit by bit I collected knowledge that has come to me in many different ways, from people, books, films, situations  and relationships. The sequence of all these evolved in such a way that only I could understand it. After all, the universe is talking to everyone in the individual language, and everyone is able to realize this! I set a goal to identify hidden opportunities and different areas of our world, in social life, art, nature or business. There is nothing better than knowing the world in all its forms, finding the root cause, identify patterns and opportunities.


Please take all described by me without any hint of accusation, insult to my blog. If I offend someone it is only because of human non-virtues such as ignorance, meanness and jealousy. However, we need to  thank them, because if it were not these defects, would we know the value of good?

One day I came to get a job in a leisure complex. I provided my CV, he read it carefully and then said: “You’re only 20 and you have achieved a lot.  A lot of achievements are in different areas. It is not possible! ”
Be aware of ignorance, be aware of those people who can not understand big ideas, be aware of those people who do not see the “Way”.  And they are not to blame for this, this is a result of the environment where they were brought up and where their personality was formulated and developed. It happened that all  planets were in one natal map at the end of the day. But they  are to blame because so there were a planet in the natal chart at the end of the day, but they are to blame for the fact that they did not even want to try, try!

Also, in this first article, I would like to introduce you to my craft. Perhaps,  you might become my friend, client or partner! So, if we imagine the future as space variations we can say that a certain amount of capacity is devoted to 1 earthly life. It means that any  person is expected to  have such future which made up by those number of  kind of factors which  the person is dealing with. Such  external  influences make our future. It’s real. Further, in my articles of the blog I will show clearly how to do it. What allows me to put together this system? In order to get all aspects I have to study and learn a lot of literature. In such way I reach the widest range of scientific and spiritual things. We know all of them but we sometimes forget them.  Brain pumping new knowledge can restore lost data – I call it Sense Memories.


But if we talk more substantially and materially, I have always enjoyed great movies productions and texture of stones and minerals. That’s why,  I started to learn Photoshop and now continue these activities, creating new worlds for 3D movies, cartoons for children, advertising for clients, Visuals for the show-business and Video Art for the soul. But this is only one side. On the other side, it’s all you need to pack all events, put on a showcase and create value – to mesmerize Will object, beauty and feelings. Do not forget also about the constantly evolving technologies, new platforms and methods of communication that are also necessary to take into account. By this, I’ll just write a list of positions for which I could come up with some evidence. If you want a complete list of my experience – you can write to me personally.


Photographer: I started it with a frame construction. I have 2 years of experience working in a modeling agency. I took awards at national Photos exhibitions, repeatedly.

Graphic Designer: I made logos for more than 20 companies. 10 years of Experience in Photoshop and  Smudge Tool: I did Rhinoplasty girls for money :). All my projects developed a corporate identity and brand production. I worked in advertising and marketing agencies as Creative & Art Director.

Director of Photography: Years of  Experience with camera. I photographed all city events. I have also worked on the State television. I took about 5 short films in my youth, I plan to continue this business in the near future.

Motion Designer:  I was examining 2D and 3D animation, creating TV commercials on regional, national and international TV channels. This is  skills I used for the development of audio visual and projection video mapping show. I was operating in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Jordan, Qatar.

VJ, Content Producer: I have got experience of more than 6 years. Today, my video works & VJ Loops take on a new form in the hands of many Visual Artists  & VJs from more than 70 countries.

Website Developer: experience more than 6 years of development. At the end of 2016 I started working with more than 30 sites of diverse complexity. It also includes administration of the sites and content management, Search Engine Optimization

Event Director: I organized Art Festival Upfest and since 2010 has got Project Manager experience in political organization.

Marketing Director: my first high education is marketing. And it is my passion – to create products, projects and ideas, which have not been on the market. You have to  occupy the position in order to give it new development to  the product. Also here you can enable your skills such as analytical, strategic planning, competitive intelligence and Business Consulting. I also like to study the methods of transmission of cultural information and its impact finding new benefits for my clients business!


My Old Showreel


Since 2007 I’m founder and CEO of Austria based Video Production company LIME ART GROUP And Starting 2012 i have found few art and promotional projects which helps my Partners to achive their best result! Full list of Projects i will announce in my next article. Yet, there are other “features”, but now I just want to help people develop the Art of Living through my channels and means to teach astrology and only God knows what still lies ahead. Join now