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lumen magazine

Lumen Video Art Magazine

For me is important to support and promote talented Visual Artists, Motion Designers, VJs, that why i with my sister created the Video Art, Video Mapping Magazine  - Lumen. Every month we do new interviews, writing new articles and reviews. For last 2 years we supported more 100 amazing designers, new media artists. Since 2017 we have issued first printed edition of Lumen Magazine which was shared for free at the biggest Vj, and Visual Design festival in Europe. Please note, that we dont earn money on that project. We are investing our own money, time and power to promote great artists arround the world. We would thanks for any Dontaion You can do Lumen Magazine...

AV Galerie

AV Galerie We will start to do Artist’s VJ Events at AV Galerie (Vienna / Austria). If You have an interest to join us and do Live Visual set, please write to: First promotional and Events will be on December 2015. Live Visual sets will be supported by famous European Dj’s and hole events will be mixed with workshops, trainings etc. ...