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Eurovision 2014

In 2014 i was invited to create Visuals for Armenian Artist AramMp3 in Eurovision in Denmark. The concept & Idea Mythological Hero's journey from dream commonness through the darkness of despair to the light and rebirth through the help of external allies. Show the human connectedness and support of the external forces in the eternal fights between light and shadow. Trivial reality lulls by predictability – sometimes hard and injuring reality hits through the sleep of welfare. - With passage of time, we overfill negative emotions and pain. - In time, when darkness overwhelms us, we pray heaven for help and we’re hoping for salvation. - At the time when aid is nowhere to await, appears someone (mighty forces or people) that suddenly illuminate us, with giving some hope. ...

Frequency Festival Austria

Сreate a video mapping for special outdoor decoration object at Night Park – Fm4 Frequency Festival / St. Pölten / Austria. Develop video content for the side LED screens and for the central object. Screens control and VJing during the 4 days of the festival.   SOLUTION For the full saturated show, Alexander Kuiava created animation separated on several layers, which were later collected again with a live VJing. Brand “Frequency” characters became three-dimensional. And LEDs screens were filled with bright key Messages. For the full beauty were taken a products of LIME ART GROUP: Video Mapping and Live Visual Loops Packs. RESULT Using specially produced video content (2D, 3D Character Animation) – we have created a style in every 10 minutes. Using 3D textures – we produced a climate every 20 minutes. Using key messages every 30 minutes – we involve audience to the processes....