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AV Galerie

AV Galerie We will start to do Artist’s VJ Events at AV Galerie (Vienna / Austria). If You have an interest to join us and do Live Visual set, please write to: First promotional and Events will be on December 2015. Live Visual sets will be supported by famous European Dj’s and hole events will be mixed with workshops, trainings etc. ...

Video Mapping Loops

I have created my own technique for Projection Video Mapping Show. Video Mapping Loops - is a 3D Effect displace Visuals which can distort any Surface. If You want to Perform You Architecture - displace the Surface. 3D Mapping Loops can create a game of shadows and lights.  Its really helps to create Video Mapping Show 90% faster without scripts or plugins. All Video Mapping Visuals produced in Full HD and 4K Video Resolution. 50-60 frames per second. Its a monochromatic video footages which you can also use as masks to displace your own content. Video Mapping Loops is patented product. You can...

polyform decoration


Working on different Events its was really complicated to use very heavy wood decorations and paid for such production. Its was heavy, cost a lots and hard to deliver to the Venue.   The sustainable and off-the-shell elements for Projection 3D Video Mapping & Light Decorative installations. Its Mobile: Easy to transport, assemble and de-assemble. Super lightweight for any wall, ceiling, platforms or stage surface.

Warrior Light EP 2016

Zeugen von Kuiava - Warrior Light EP 2016 Welcome! To the glory of Jupiter I produced my first music EP album as Sound background for my Vdeo Art projects, but seems its can be also usefull as Soundtrack for some movies. If you need a License to use, write me to email:  ...