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Plenty of people ask themselves such question while attending training sessions or buy online courses. They want to know who they are paying money to, whether they can trust this person, whether he is worthy of attention, or he won’t deceive. Will the information he offers be useful to them?

Speaking straight, really self-sufficient people don’t need any evidence, neither external nor internal. And, frankly, I didn’t want to write such an article, because I don’t want to prove anything to anyone. But, unfortunately, according to the rules of our digital world, it is important to do so. Because no matter what business you start, there will always be people who will criticize or even try to harm your business. That’s why I need to have such publication for reference, where this kind of people can be redirected, in my Knowledge Base.

People are different – some criticize because they couldn’t do by themselves or  because they are not like you. Others  – for the fact that maybe they did the same as you, only in a different way… In general, everyone has his own truth and everyone has a right to have their own opinion.


Who is a VJ in retirement?

This is a creative person who has gone the way from plastic effects on noses in Photoshop for models and cutting ringtones in SoundForge to the several companies in different countries and own marketplaces. He created audiovisual content for FashionTV, Eurovision, Forbes, European dance festivals and international advertising companies.

I’m saying that I am retired today abstractly. I mean that I have a good passive income and enough time to do what I love. I continue to create content, but I’m going to the next level, because I understand that in fact all this time I offered not content, but only ideas (energy), which were expressed in the form of audiovisual content. My finances indicate that I am on the right way and that my energy, the information I offer in the form of content for advertising, show business or art projects is needed by people.


Transition into the stratosphere

Thus, I try to transform my energy (what I know how to do best) in a direct stream – in the very essence of “Doing”, so ideas became not in the form of audiovisual products, but as actual ideas, information as knowledge. And the essence of my approach is that I offer only those concepts, ideas that I really tested on myself and become successful in them.  Certainly, if I start “selling air” without any specific experience in any of the niches, it will turn out badly for me. But for now, I am definitely convinced that the real knowledge is EXPERIENCE. If the information that comes to you is transformed into experience, you can say that you have learned something…

Great philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, were not mega successful in their “businesses”, but created great emperors, conquerors and wise men. In any case, I do not identify myself with the great masters of antiquity – I am very far from them….

I’m not seeking for likes and glory… To tell the  truth, I’d really like to run away from urbanism and conceited trends. Somewhere in the village to plow land, make bonsai, while machines are rendering my content. I aspire to this, and that’s why I started a construction of my FOTOPARK in 2020.

But I still need to tune you in to my wave, to my transmission line – that’s why I want to share with you my life experience. So on this example you may take only the best practices and methods for your projects or life concepts. Therefore, the experience that I have in creating content for new media, advertising and show business, as well as the experience of building autonomous online systems, websites, marketplaces, which can bring passive income, are now transformed into the form of pure KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, which I will give you. And certainly not for free!

Effective knowledge is expensive

I have also noticed that there are high quantity of people who steal, brazenly copy my methods, ideas, forms of filing, forms of communication, etc. I understand that there is nothing relatively new in this world and that the same ideas can come in several heads at once. But because I am one of those who receive such an insight, I realize that I must conduct these energies through myself and share them with the world. I MUST do it. It’s the alchemy of life.

Any quality knowledge, information, product, will always be expensive. I need to be honest with you and myself. So if I say that selling my experience in the format of video courses, insider information or advising people on the topic of e-business, new media or show business, I thus not only share knowledge, but also create for myself additional, passive income – it will be true. And that is not the only cause.

Video curse is a digital content, as well as graphics or video footage. Nowadays, convertation of your knowledge, skills and experience into online courses – is a must-have for any business. It’s a good possibility for an additional passive income.

Looking for partners

There are a relative number of people to whom I tried to impose my ideas. I searched for partners and tried to integrate them into my projects. Sometimes, it could be just recommendations, to expand the menu in the restaurant with new drinks, or sometimes – the full concepts for life and business plans for commerce…

People often strongly resist the new, еspecially when they try to instill it from the outside. As a result, failures, loss of trust, quarrels with partners, etc…

But time passes and you see that these people start doing exactly what you said to them 2-5 years ago. Yes, maybe they realize what you told them before, but they not always have the ability to recognize the key impulse that brought them into this sphere.

So, I realized for myself that you don’t have to impose anything on them in order to have good relationships with people. You have to be transcendent to what’s going on. The culture of distance – this is my golden rule.

I will pack my ideas into an accessible format and put on the shelf of my online store. I will write user manuals to them and quality assurance. And you make your own choices –  either you want quality knowledge that can take you to the next level or you just want to absorb content from the social media feed, getting into swirl of misconceptions, selfish personalities and garbage traffic.

If you help people of their way up – they will never forget that. With my online course I want  to create a circle of potential partners with autonomous passive income. With them in a future you may always invest in big projects. To keep pace with creative, successful people in business – now it’s more than possible. It’s not interesting to be a king among the pawns. Awesome to be a king among kings!

My paradigm of the world

I understand that I can be wrong and that I am not the truth of last resort – the world is moving, everything is changing. But I’ve been a little bit ahead of the last 15 years. Since 2010 – a diploma in marketing, and in 2014-15 suddenly all became Internet marketers. Experience in film and video production, at film studios in Ukraine and Austria since 2009. And today almost everyone edits and shoots videos… I did live broadcasting and streaming online back in 2011-2014, starting with large concerts in Kazakhstan with the participation of the first persons of the state and ending with large music and rave festivals in Austria. Now online streaming and multi-camera broadcast – a must-have for any business.

Creating 2D-3D content for media and shows, I almost haven’t left the house/gallery/studio, so to speak, was on 5 years of self-isolation, oriented my business absolutely online. What I have been through a long time, now everyone uses for themselves and their business, and in some cases it begins to be intruded by the authorities…

I don’t want to say that it is all from me or that I want to highlight myself out as something. No…. It’s just the world somehow changes the trends and paradigms in the direction that I have already managed in incomprehensible way for me. Everything, that I already have sorted in the parts, succeed in, lost everything, hated, and then succeed again… I already understand everything, everything is obvious.

I can take a more visual instance, for example, video shooting. I’ve never filmed a wedding. I could get as much money in 15 seconds of animation as another person for 24 hours shooting such an event at different locations, and then another 24 hours of editing…. I see now that such people making their way very slowly, but still were able to understand what to do and independently go from the wedding to 2d, 3D animation, and after providing services territorially, to go to international freelancing, and then in general to sell on the microstocks. And that’s a good thing.

Time gives you the opportunity to ask questions

Since about 2016 I have gone to astrology and today I see how the allover active development of spirituality is taking place. In general, when I see that the world is turning its trend into what I do, I realize that it is time for me to leave this market or business – radically changing the type of activity. Getting out of my comfort zone. That is my way.

Today the online learning market is very in trend, plus I have enough experience and good busy years of work behind me. These two factors give me the right to enter this market, plus to solve my karmic challenges, for when we give, we get. In fact, I could quietly continue to sell content without telling about it and not creating a competitors. It is this knowledge that I am going to share that can definitely create competitors in the production content market, but as I wrote above, I gradually go to another job, namely training, astrology, alchemy and occultism, so the knowledge I have gained should help others. If I could build myself a standalone online business, a marketplace, then you can.

And now more substantive and to the point.

For 2020 I managed to found 2 companies and in another one I am a key partner. Some companies are subsidized, and some can boast quite good financial indicators. However, everything is relative – for someone the sums that I operate seem ridiculous, and for someone it is a high goal. I am a tax resident of Austria, and perhaps if I had followed the way many people in CIS countries make money, I would have more finances. But that’s not what this is about.

I’ve created several websites that sell my own content and other authors’ content. Some are already done and functioning for several years with a good average income, some are catching up, some in development, and another part is done, but stopped, without infusions of advertising and subsequent investment….

When you have a certain financial freedom and you understand how to create and promote a product on the Internet, you realize that you can do almost anything, In recent years, I was just obsessed with the idea that I need to do a lot. As a result, out of 20 projects that I started in Ukraine, I made only 3, one of which is now completely closed (to be more precise, I’ll move it a little bit to another place). Although, analyzing all the situations that happened to me, I understand now that it was a very necessary experience, which more and more crystallized me.

At some of the trainings I heard that if you know how to do, you do not need investment. And it’s true, for now!:) I am not looking for investors and don’t want to exploit people because of my spiritual beliefs. It is best to work with partners, who have twinkle in the eyes, who can really fulfill their 50% obligations and take on half of the responsibility.

I went from a small designer advertising agency to the owner of their companies, online marketplaces, their media channels, art galleries in Austria, and photo video studios in Ukraine. These are all stages of life and projects in business that were like stepping stone to move on. At the start of 2020, our database has approximately 12,000 customers from more than 100 countries that have bought my content. Even in Nepal and Madagascar there are people who use my video art.

Today I made a conscious decision! I don’t have any more idea of building a big corporation. Just not interested anymore. Everything is clear, then only routine, production machine.

Do more content – sales will grow. Everything is set up, everything is fine-tuned. Boring!

I want to explore this world through alchemy, esotericism, working with the material essence of this world, while the machines in the studio on my algorithms generate 3D content for customers in a very narrow niche. This is my concept of life, which I aspire to. Transfer of knowledge for me is a new stage and I do not have the right to take all this experience with me. I wish it to serve people for the good, to help them to find perhaps their financial freedom and by following this path, brings joy and happiness into their lives.



Alexander Kuiava, a media artist, content producer,
CEO of Austrian video production studio LIME ART GROUP
and co-founder of Nektar Digital production group content.
The author of my own techniques for developing video projection
shows and a teacher at the Frontskill School of Media Art.
Online entrepreneur and social investor. VJ in retirement.