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Below you will find a list of my competences.


I like to develop new markets, create projects that are oriented in the fields of Art,
Technologies,  Social Engineering and Spiritual Development.

I would really like to create society where Beauty and Development
will become the central Forces of the New Era!

Today  I’m a Founder and CEO of Austria based Video Production Company LIME ART GROUP,
Key Partner at Nektar Digital and Chairman of International Foundation of Technical Initiatives.

I have more 10 Years Experience in the fields of Art, Entertainment, IT,
New Media, Marketing & Business Management and can share my Skills with You

Contact me for Partnership!

Video Production

Brand Films, Commercials, Event Visuals, Music Videos. All that i love to produce in my studio. 3D Animation & Motion Graphics.

Projection Mapping

I have done Projection Mapping Shows in Austria, Germany, Jordan, Turkey, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Also Fulldome, Objects Installations.

Live VJing

Live Broadcast, Video Mixing and Vjing i have done at big number of Festivals, Concerts Shows, Undergrounds Parties. Part of them was Live on TV


I began my career as Photographer in Model Agency. It's important to understand the compositions, create delighted photos and have a feeling of the Beauty.

Graphic Design

After 5 Years Experience in the Advertsing Agency i have learned a lot. Now I can implement this skill creating high quality Brand Identity for my Projects.

IT & Web

All my projects have a Websites or Online Services which was developed with my Team. Today Programing, SEO, Automation, is not Problem for me.

Virtual Reality

Designer of Virtual Reality Environments is my new passion. With VR our opportunities is growing fast and effective, Use VR

Visual Programing

I'm learning visual programing languages to create interactive art installations and tools to help people better understand the digital content.

Game Development

Education in Games is a New Trend and we, with all our power trying to develop new Games focused on Childrens and Social Problems.

Marketing Research

Thats is my hobby. I love to create counter-strategies, market analytics research, find ways to contest with my Competitors. I love it!

Business Management

Its was my first Education. And i think i have success on it, as result, I'm leading a few companies and the best Dream Team in the World!

New Media

For me is important to support & promote my Partners, so i created few New Media Channels, such as Lumen Magazine, VolynTop and more.


Rendering Visuals on the Yacht down the Wind is a best Experience in my life. I love to travel to inspire people and film the beauty sides of the Earth


The Occult Science is other side of my life. Do you believe in God? Anyway Astrology give me a signs and tools to help people.


I like to cultivate plants. Maybe one day i will create a really amazing garden on our planet!