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Cultivating creativity in people

Alexander Kuiava is a New Media artist, Content & Films Producer. Retired VJ. CEO of the Austrian video production studio LIME ART GROUP (FrontFX Group) and co-founder of the content production group Nektar Digital.

The author of own techniques of creating projection mapping shows and a teacher at the school of the new media art Frontskill. Information technologies and new media expert. Digital entrepreneur and social investor.

Tools I use

Tools Kuiava

New Media Artist

Content Producer

Retired VJ

Creating Values

Developing creative content, digital artworks, projects in the field of new media art, as well as the entertainment industry.

Culture of Distance

Creating an existential connection with the world through projects and creative products of my own production.

Culture of Distance

Expert Skills

With a slight fear that five years of university studies may go to waste if my specialized field is not in demand, I diligently pursued independent learning, maintaining strict discipline. Over the course of several years, I self-taught myself computer programs for creating digital materials, tools, and virtual environments.

High Education

Simultaneously, I obtained a degree in Management, and my employment at a marketing agency granted me the opportunity to apply my knowledge within the entertainment and advertising sectors. Presently, I am pursuing a second higher education in the field of “Constructive Ecology and Permaculture” with the intention of acquiring the skills needed to design landscape gardens that foster and nurture creativity in individuals.

Striving for ideals

I have a passion for venturing into unexplored industries and developing new business lines, where I can conceive and bring to life innovative projects and products that have yet to enter the market. My focus lies in the realm of audiovisual art, particularly in natural environments. My ultimate goal is to establish a society where beauty and sustainable progress serve as the driving forces of a new era.


Alexander MAG ART




I develop creative content for new media, for art projects and show-business, adaptable to different industry formats. Formats, that doesn't depend on the specifics of current or future trends.


I create live and virtual environmental design for high-quality creativity cultivation. I am building up new forms for the creative expansion of my ideas, and ideas of other creative personalities.


Having the time and space resources, I tenderly try to affirm Existence, finding the right balance in natural contexts. Manifesting the art and implementing of own knowledge. My mission: to cultivate creativity in people.

Knowledge. Experience. Skills

kuiava ASTRO

My Story

For more than 10 years now, I have been “pulling out” various abstractions from my head that give my family a comfortable life, and me the lightness and happiness of being.

Why not art? Art of life!

I earned my first money by “cutting“ ringtones for my classmates in Sound Forge, creating wall newspapers at school and correcting nose plastic in Photoshop for girls from a modeling agency.

Today I have several companies in different jurisdictions, more than 30 000 customers, created more than 8 TB of my own content. A new art studio is being built, and today I have a solid vision of my every next step.

How did I come to this? Keep on reading.

Where I’ve Worked

2005 - 2006

Video Editor at Volyn Film Studio

2006 - 2008

Motion Designer at New Project Group

2008 - 2009

Art Director at Rio Azhur

2010 - 2012

Motion Designer at Euromedia Company

2013 - NOW


2018 - NOW

Co-Founder & Producer at Nektar Digital

2022 - NOW

Founder & CEO at FrontFX Group

Кіностудія Луцьк

2004 – 2005

Film studio and modeling agency in Lutsk

While still studying at school, my consciousness was captured by art house cinema. I was looking for opportunities to become a cool director at the age of 15… One day the doors of the Volyn film Studio opened for me and the masters of cinematography and directing Boris Pavlovich Revenko and Valery Nikolaevich Belov gave me an excellent base knowledge for further work. The first photo exhibitions, amateur film festivals, the first diplomas and awards.

At the same time, the directorate of the Lutsk Modeling Agency saw my first works in Photoshop and offered me one of the first jobs. That way I could do what I like, improving the vision of the frame and the processing technique in Photoshop.

2006 – 2007

Advertising company, video editing and motion design

While editing my films and music clips in Adobe Premiere and feeling the needs of the market, I realized more and more that you can’t earn enough for a living and make a name by only editing. I categorically refused to shoot weddings. The way out is studying new programs.

The basics of video editors served as a good base to further study of After Effects. While experimenting with video effects, I learned how to create beautiful effects and titles. Later that was seen by the founders of the advertising agency. So my path and skills from the film industry crystallized into a career as a video designer.

Over the following years, I created about 1000 commercials for big screens and local television. Moreover, I’ve got not only in video design skills, but also skill of communication with customers, corporate culture and ethics, as well as the ability to count money. But the most interesting thing is that according to one of the founders’ of the advertising agency plan, they wanted to create an additional company – a video studio for creating commercials and 3d visualizations. So later, the LIME ART GROUP company was created, which I carried in my life until today.

2008 – 2009

Marketing agency and event management

The world of advertising is closely connected with the industry of show business and entertainment. By outsourcing video content for events, I understood the technology of organizing events more and more.

The experience of working in a marketing and event agency gave me an understanding of specific solutions for events that I organized in following years: Upfest International Art Festival, film screenings, rock concerts, graffiti festivals, as well as Drum-n-Bass parties.

2010 – 2011

VJing in Ukraine and the first mentor

Increasing my portfolio of video works and the number of clients’ locations, I was noticed in Kiev. The technical director of a large, international event production company became my mentor. Since 2010, I have been involved in numerous big concert events in Ukraine, live broadcasts with top officials of the state, and also developed video content for many Ukrainian pop stars.

The event company has started having more and more clients abroad. And with it, my experience in VJing and quantity of tours of the CIS countries were growing. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.

2012 – 2013

International projects and moving to Austria

It turned out fate had other plans for me. While being at the peak of fame in Ukraine in 2010-2012, being well-known in my hometown, having a large, country-wide Ukrainian customers base, contractors, having a large request for future orders, not mentioning that I was standing well with company’s top management, I had to leave all this and move to Austria for permanent residence.

After registering my company in Austria, I have started positioning my activity and Europe and the whole world opened up for me. The first projects were in Austria, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Germany.

2014 – 2015

Eurovision and changing the format

Having worked in most countries of the Eurasian continent and received an order to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. I decided that this should be the apogee of my work as a video designer. I realized what Forces are standing off behind me. Since 2012, I have been simultaneously engaged in creating content for sale on the Internet.

Eurovision and several other Austrian projects became a turning point. Having lost interest in big events while ceasing to consume alcohol and tobacco in any quantities, I radically changed the format of my interaction with the world and clients.

2016 – 2017

Sponsorship of art projects and art-gallery in Vienna

I used to come to clients, now I wanted everyone to come to me. In 2015, I have opened an art gallery in Vienna in the Josefstadt cultural district. After several years of traveling and big concerts, I decided to close up in the studio for “laboratory work” – production of new content, my new art projects.

At the same time, I started sponsoring international video art festivals, organized exhibitions of Austrian artists in the gallery, published a magazine about VJing and video art. In 2016, I have begun to master musical composing and released my first album Warriors Light.

2018 – 2019

Photo studio in Ukraine

Being abroad, I felt that I was obliged to contribute to the development of the new Ukraine. At the end of 2017, my expansion began. I founded an advertising campaign, the SPECTRUM media group. I opened a creative space, a photo studio and invested in a number of social projects in Lutsk. We built the first chromakey in the photo studio and started shooting video content for the future media projects.

2020 – 2021

Fotopark and New Projects

In 2019, I bought a plot of land and our photo studio was transformed into a whole FOTOPARK. At the moment, the construction and planning of the landscape design of our open space is underway. Also in 2021, my team began preparations for the organization of the international festival of light “LUTSK LIGHTS”


Knowledge transfer

The time has come. Now I am preparing my lectures on video design and media art, as well as a large course on the topic “How to monetize your creativity and create your own online marketplace.

Online Courses for New Media Art

Carrier Tutoring & Mentoring.