Happy Mapping – Projection Mapping Course for Beginners

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Happy Video Mapping – Video Course by media artist Alexander Kuiava. You will learn to quickly create high-quality visuals for video projection 3D mapping shows. Work with Adobe After Effects and Resolume Arena.

The course includes 9 videos with a total duration of 3 hours, as well as additional educational materials, 2x Video Mapping Loops Packs, and 2x Video Mapping Toolkits – collections of creative content for video mapping installations.

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3 hours

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9 Tutorials



Video projection mapping is an expensive art form!

You will learn to quickly create video mapping shows.

In this video course, media artist Alexander Kuiava will teach you how to quickly create high-quality visuals for video projection, video mapping shows. You will learn to easily and efficiently use ready-made solutions and creative elements for projection mapping. The course demonstrates well the use of video mapping footage, video mapping toolkits, as well as proper compositing in Adobe After Effects.

The course will be interesting for anyone who wants to enter the video mapping industry and create amazing video shows.

For whom is this course?

For everyone who wishes to create video shows

This course will be an excellent starting point for entering the media art market and creating video mapping shows and art installations.

For event and rental agencies

If you work in the event business, you can easily master fast techniques for creating video projection shows and visual performances.

For video mapping companies and motion designers

If you are a video designer or already involved in creating video mapping shows, then new methods and educational materials will only enhance your capabilities in the video mapping market.

Course Preview

Work with After Effects & Resolume

Educational materials

The course includes educational materials for video compositing. These include 2 video mapping footage collections and 2 video mapping toolkit collections, totaling 549 euros. If you need more creative content for 3D mapping, you can visit the Video Mapping Store

Exclusive access

After purchasing the video course, your email will be added to the closed mailing list, where you will periodically receive access to free content, industry insights, and other gifts from the group of companies led by media artist Alexander Kuiava.

What will understanding the materials from this video course give you?

About Author

Alexander Kuiava

Alexander Kuiava is a New Media artist, Content & Films Producer. Retired VJ. CEO of the Austrian video production studio LIME ART GROUP (FrontFX Group) and co-founder of the content production group Nektar Digital.

The author of own techniques of creating projection mapping shows and a teacher at the school of the new media art Frontskill. Information technologies and new media expert. Digital entrepreneur and social investor.

Alexander Kuiava
alexander kuiava

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the course?

Add the item to your cart, proceed with the payment. Once the payment is received, the system will automatically send a link to your email containing the course videos and educational materials.

In what format will the course be?

The course “Happy Video Mapping” is created in the format of a video course. It consists of 9 videos with a total duration of 5 hours. The author explains and demonstrates various aspects of creating video mapping shows using Adobe After Effects.

How long will the course download be available?

You will be able to log in to your profile at any time and access the course through the provided link. The course materials can be downloaded up to 10 times. However, in certain cases outlined in the terms of use of the website, access to the course may be temporarily suspended.

What level of proficiency with the software is required?

It would be great if you have at least a basic level of proficiency with Adobe After Effects. However, even if you don’t, the course covers everything you need to know and demonstrates which buttons to press to achieve the desired results.

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