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God is a VJ – Who is a VJ?

DJ is often compared with a God and a dance floor with life, respectively.  However who is a VJ on this feast of holy spirit? Presumably, a VJ can be considered a Lucifer, so-called “shining star”, a fallen angel, fleeing into the darkness and fooling others, luring them with lightning visuals based on hidden forbidden traits. A devilish person, who creates daring artificial illusions; one wishing to “become higher than God”, according to the Bible. Still, Muslims believe that Allah is sleeping at night, so it’s a truly VJ’s time. Well, ok, let’s delve not in religious comparisons, but in a modern history. Remember first MTV shows, those good-looking broadcasters of music news and gossips? Don’t believe your eyes, this is the first testament of a VJ. Ask yourself a question. What about behind-the-scenes processes? How has this or that visual thing actually been created? Who do you think made...