Cyber Textures – Video Mapping Toolkit 3 in 1

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3 video mapping toolkits with cyber style animated textures combined  in one! Make your audience believe, that we are living in the simulation – turn your facade into digital texture and show
its loading.

Infographics KUIAVA

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Infographics KUIAVA
Animated facade elements for architectural video mapping

Cyber style animated facade elements for projection video mapping

Mesmerizing animations of architectural facade elements, made of digital flesh. Turn your building  facade into 3D digital simulation with 3 differently styled cyber themed toolkits, combined in one Video Mapping Toolkit. 128 bright-colored high quality PNG Sequences of arches, columns, windows and many more facade elements for cyber theme projection mapping show or for creating visual effects.

PNG Scenes with alpha channel for architectural video mapping

 Look image preview of video mapping toolkit. Quality of images is a bit compressed for better website performance.


Full HD 1920×1080

Frame Rate

29 Fps


PNG Sequences

Alpha Channel



128 Scenes
3 Toolkits

Alpha channel visuals for video mapping production

Create cyber punk style projection mapping 90% faster without plugins or scripts


Animated architectural facade elements: Column, arcs, windows,  dentils, pediments, etc. Make high resolution scenes in Adobe After Effects. Mix Animated architectural facade elements by you wish or creative task. We produce Video Mapping Projection Toolkits for different architectural styles: Gothic, Roman, Baroque, Modern, Victorian and more. Original video art for 3D projection mapping show developed by New Media Artist – Alexander Kuiava. Produced for different architectural styles: Ancient / Islamic / Asian / Gothic / Modern / Baroque / Futuristic / Neo etc.

Learn how to use video mapping toolkits

Watch Projection Mapping Tutorial

We did a simple video tutorial to explaining how to use video mapping toolkits in Adobe After Effects or Resolume.

Simply import PNG scene as sequences in video editing software. Adjust scale and position of each element. Play with timing. Add some color effects if you want. Create more layers, duplicate and pre-compose. Repeat. You will get amazing results in spending less time. Because we have rendered all content for You.

Video Mapping Toolkits is a self-made method and products produced by new media artist – Alexander Kuiava. For more tutorials enrol to video mapping course at

Creative digital asset for multipurpose

Fields of use

Projection Mapping

Original visuals & motion graphics with alpha channel for projection video mapping on the building facade and different architecture. 

Virtual Reality

Exclusive visual media textures for level-design and 3D environment in augmented, virtual reality and digital art projects.

Video Production

Creative digital assets for video editing & post-production projects. Video content for advertising and decorating purpose.

Additional information

FullHD 1920×1080




PNG Sequences

Alpha Channel





30 Gb

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