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Introducing the Techno VJ Loops Bundle by LIME ART GROUP, a collection of five exclusive VJ loop packs designed to elevate your Techno Music Visual Performance and VJ Show. With this bundle, you’ll have access to a diverse range of sharp, abrupt, and colorful scenes that perfectly complement the energy of Techno music. Each VJ loop pack in this bundle is carefully crafted to create a captivating visual experience.

The scenes feature dynamic motion graphics, vibrant colors, and eye-catching effects, all synchronized with the rhythm and intensity of Techno music. Whether you’re performing at a club, a festival, or hosting a virtual event, these VJ loops will bring your visuals to life and enhance the overall atmosphere of your show. With Full HD resolution, these motion backgrounds are optimized for Rave Events, ensuring that every detail is crisp and clear on large screens and projections.

The high-quality visuals will immerse your audience in a mesmerizing world of Techno music, making your performance truly unforgettable. By downloading the Techno VJ Loops Bundle from Alexander Kuiava you not only gain access to five exclusive packs of VJ loops but also save 300 EUR compared to purchasing them individually. This bundle offers incredible value for money, allowing you to enhance your visual performance while staying within your budget. Shop Techno VJ Loops Bundle by LIME ART GROUP

Infographics KUIAVA

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Infographics KUIAVA

Top 5 Best VJ Video Loop Packs for Techno Music-Themed Visuals


Techno music is a unique genre that, when complemented with the right visualizations, can create an unforgettable experience. Explore the top 5 VJ Loop Packs designed specifically for techno raves and festivals. Enhance your show backgrounds with these captivating abstract scenes featuring geometric shapes, vivid colors, dynamic animations, and mesmerizing visual effects.

Allow your audience to fully immerse themselves in the power and rhythm of the TECHNO VJ Loops Bundle Vol.6 by Alexander Kuiava. Optimize your workflow and save up to โ‚ฌ300 by taking advantage of the bundled VJ Loop packs.


Full HD 1920×1080

Frame Rate

29 Fps


Mov + Dxv


5 VJ Loops Packs

Bass Abyss – VJ Loops Video Package

Immerse yourself in the world of minimal techno with the perfect pack of VJ loops. Bass Abyss is specifically designed to create a futuristic atmosphere with its tunnel-like animations. The deep, dark blue hues and radiant white shines give it a captivating space-age feel.

Each clip is expertly synchronized to the beat, featuring geometric and abstract motion graphics that will enhance your EDM and Techno nights. This pack includes 30 Full HD VJ loops, providing you with a diverse range of visuals. Elevate your performances with Bass Abyss – VJ Loops Pack Vol.42: Full HD EDM Visuals, boasting high-quality resolution at FULL HD 1080p and a smooth frame rate of 60fps.

Infographics KUIAVA
Infographics KUIAVA

Neon Stage – Vj Loops Video Package

Illuminate your LED screens with the vibrant energy of “Neon Stage.” This pack is designed to captivate your audience with mesmerizing minimal animation effects. Featuring a collection of geometric animations and striking line effects, the visuals predominantly showcase minimal colors like red and blue.

The high contrast elements and colors ensure that each individual object shines brightly on the stage, creating a captivating visual experience. “Neon Stage” is the perfect choice for those seeking minimal video effects that make a maximum impact. With this pack, you’ll receive 30 high-quality, full HD VJ loops that will elevate your performances to new heights.

Artificial Intelligence – VJ Loops Video Package

Experience the exclusive digital anarchy created by Visual Artist Alexander Kuiava with the “Artificial Intelligence” VJ Loops Video Package. Dive into a world of technological marvels with 30 Full HD VJ Loops that showcase animated lines, columns, and circles, representing the very essence of Artificial Intelligence.

Let these captivating visuals transport your audience into the realm of cutting-edge technology and futuristic innovation. The dynamic and intricate animations will mesmerize viewers as they witness the power and complexity of artificial intelligence come to life.

Download the “Artificial Intelligence” VJ Loops Video Package today and unlock a new dimension of visual storytelling for your performances, events, or artistic projects. Embrace the digital revolution and embrace the future.

Infographics KUIAVA

Infographics KUIAVA

Minimal Grid โ€“ VJ Loops Video Package

Unleash the power of visual minimalism with the captivating “Minimal Grid” VJ Loops Video Package. This pack features an extraordinary canvas of displaced golden lines intertwined with radiant white rays. Elevate your visuals with the mesmerizing and pixel-perfect animations showcased in Full HD 60 fps, ensuring a flawless output for your performances and video projects.

Immerse your audience in a world of abstract animated lines, dynamic minimal patterns, and hypnotic shapes. The combination of golden lines and colorful accents creates a visually stunning experience that will captivate and engage viewers. Whether used as background effects or overlaid effects, “Minimal Grid” is a versatile pack that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any visual composition.

Dark Minimal – VJ Loops Video Package

Immerse yourself in the depths of visual elegance with the captivating “Dark Minimal” VJ Loops Video Package. Designed and produced by the visionary artist Alexander Kuiava, this pack offers a collection of original event visuals tailored for LED screens and video projections.

Experience the power of darkness and sophistication with the Full HD Black Motion backgrounds adorned with mesmerizing light line animations. Each loop showcases abstract motion line patterns meticulously crafted to create a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Infographics KUIAVA
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FullHD 1920ร—1080


29fps, 60fps




5 VJ Loops Packs




Extended, Standard

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