Green Screen Video Footage Bundle – 5in1


Big Bundle of 4K Green Screen Video Footage Packs by Video Production company LIME ART GROUP. Joyful professional actors and dancers performing in various dance styles and playing different musical instruments isolated over green screen chromakey background. 5 premium green screen footage packs with 4K resolution videos produced and filmed special for video post-production and video compositing.

Stop wasting your time for searching and collecting bit by bit a worthy content library! Work smart – purchase high-end content in bundles and spend more time on creating, not scrolling the stocks! And, of course, save a tangible amount of money, buying content wholesale in green screen bundle!

Infographics KUIAVA

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Infographics KUIAVA
Royalty free 4k green screen video footage

5 green screen video footage packs in one bundle


Working with live footage while creating your next video or visual show? Say no more! Be sure you will have enough live footage to add in your project!  Big set of dancing and partying people footage on green chromakey background. 5 big packs of visuals with professional actors and models performing in green screen photo studio. Classic graceful dances, academical ballet dance, folk dance, contemporary pop and rave dance, musicians – all of these you can get with one click, purchasing [product_title]! Contagiously joyful moves of professional dancers on [product_resolution] footage of high energy and rhythm with [product_framerate] frame rate!

After purchase Green Screen Video Footage Bundle Vol.1  you will get a link to instant download to your registered email.


4K 4096×2304

Frame Rate

50-60 Fps


Mov ProRes


5 Video Collections

Go Go Dancing Girls over chromakey

Dancing Girls – Green Screen Video Footage Collection Vol.1


A collection of women dressed in various costumes like one dressed as a mouse with big mouse ears, another dressed like a devil wearing red devil horns, another dressed in a blue sexy outfit wearing a pink gas mask, all quirky and fashionable costumes. All the women are hot, and sexy and dance in provocative ways, showing their sexy bodies and moves.

Elegant & Luxury look women dance

Graceful Dance – Green Screen Video Footage Pack Vol.2


A collection of various professionally trained dancers performing different dance arts. Find footage of them dancing as a couple as well as individual clips. A range of Ballet dance clips, Jive dancing, and Georgian Ballet dance, among many other popular dance forms. Dressed professionally in formal dance attire that matches the genre of the dance. They move with grace and rythm.

National & Cultural performance

Real Folk Dance – Green Screen Video Footage Pack Vol.3


Collection of professional folk dancers performing on camera. Find a range of clips from Georgian Ballet dance, Waltz, Rumba, to Viennese Waltz. Various clips all of whom feature professional dancers, wearing traditional folk dance costumes. They preform authentic dance moves, bringing grace and finesse to the screen. Beautiful people performing traditional dance arts.

New modern dance styles

Modern Dance – Green Screen Video Footage Pack Vol.4


A unique collection of clips featuring various modern and street dance artists. Find a group of young teenagers performing street dance sequences. A woman who twerks on camera. A street dancer wearing cool street fashion. Break dance moves, casual dance moves, among many other dance performances.

Artists with music instruments isolated on green

Music Artists – Green Screen Video Footage Pack Vol.5


Exclusive collection of actors performing as musicians on camera. Authentic footage of people playing various musical instruments, dressed to match the genre of the music. Like a rocker wearing a plaid shirt, playing an electric guitar. A man dressed in all black playing the bass guitar. A man dressed in all black playing the violin. Rockers, orchestra performers, band members, jazz band performers, drummers and other such clips can be found in this collection.

Additional information

4K 4096×2304, UltraHD 3840×2160


5 Green Screen Footage Packs


50fps, 60fps


Apple ProRes HQ, ProRes

Alpha Channel





50 Gb


Extended, Standard

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